Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Redefining Design 2013

It is a funny paradox: the busier you are the more you have to share, yet the less time you have to do so. But this boring silence has to be broken and I just have to share the highlights of the Annual Seneca Fashion Gala with you.

Students once again displayed a wide range of skills and talent. There were plenty of designs to drool over. I especially liked these gorgeous leather skirts and tops:

Tania DaSilva, who won the Media award with her unusual knitwear collection, stole the show:

Tania DaSilva's collection; Tania DaSilva - far right.

Yours truly modeled for Shannon Skura who created a collection based on the idea that the wearer can be a designer. Shannon strategically placed magnets in the garment so that the wearer can change the way the piece is worn, offering him or her infinite options.

Shannon Skura's collection; Shannon Skura - far right.
My look for Shannon Skura's collection
Backstage with model Dayna Stevens

You can check out more of Shannon's designs at her website

Another designer I modeled for was M.R. Leach, who had a completely different and somewhat historic point of view...

M.R. Leach's collection; M.R. Leach - right.

...and Carly Vimini, who created a sportswear collection with experimental shapes for the modern woman. (Love the chunky knits!)

My look for Carly Vimini's collection

And these shoes were an absolute highlight of the show for me!

Congratulations to all the graduated students on the job well done! It is always impressive and inspiring to see their creations come alive: from concept to catwalk! Those sleepless nights and endless fittings definitely paid off! Needless to say I cannot wait for the next year's Gala! 

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