Friday, February 1, 2013

Trend Alert. Bright Colour Suits You!

Thinking of acquiring a new tailored suit for the upcoming season? Here is an idea: why not get it in a punch of bright colour? Pre-fall and Fall shows were vibrant with a whole spectrum of colourful  tailored suits.

After all, "dress code" does not always mean "colour code" and any office could use some colour therapy. All you need to be aware of is
  • a pant cut suitable for your body shape (thankfully, the trend ranges from cropped cigarette to full flared trousers) 
  • and the colour flattering for your complexion (the one that brightens your face and lights up your eyes).
With these tips behind your belt, you will enliven the dullest cubicle maze. And that's always suiting!


  1. Love the concept! Need to choose the right color. Suits are always handy and stylish, can't go wrong.

  2. Vlada, I think that in choosing a colour it would be useful to take a look at your wardrobe and note what the predominant colour scheme is and choose a suit that would match/could be worn with at least 3 other pieces (blouses, tops, sweaters, scarves). That way you can rotate the tops, keeping it interesting, and not run into the problem of never wearing a colourful suit because you don't know what to put it together with.