Friday, April 5, 2013

Redefining Design Fashion Gala 2012

Hi fashion-lovers!

How has this wintery spring treated you so far? For me, April has always been the most exciting month of the year! Not only because it is my Birthday month. But also because it is always the busiest month of the year when I am rushing to get everything done and over with to get ready to greet summer which is right around the corner!

This year is not an exception. Other than cramming for exams, frantically completing projects, balancing it all with work and birthday preparations, I also get all pumped up for Seneca's Annual Fashion Gala Redefining Design which will take place on April 10. Needless to say I am extremely excited about this event. This is the quintessential moment for all the graduating students. Their hard work and talent comes to the fore in their collections which get a chance to be seen and admired not only by family, friends, staff, faculty and guests but also by industry professionals!

Last year, I got to model for three talented designers and had a chance to get an insider's look on the whole venture. So here are some highlights:

Designer: Samantha Grace
Designer: Amy Chong

Designer: Jenna Frost

Modeling, however, was only part of the fun. Free food, make-up application and hair up-does were great.  But it was seeing all the amazing work that the emerging fashion designers have done that was extremely inspiring! Seeing their concepts come from paper to real life! Not walking down the runway but basking in their creativity gave me the biggest adrenaline rush! It is such an amazing learning and, at the same time, entertaining experience!!!

Some of the most memorable designs from Annual Fashion Gala Redefining Design 2012

Some of the most memorable designs from Annual Fashion Gala Redefining Design 2012

Here is a video that sums up last year's show:

My lovely grandma came to see the show and I could not help sharing this picture with you guys. She loved all designers' work and could not believe that it was produced by students!

My biggest fan - my granny - attended the show and was swept off her feet by the beauty and variety of looks presented.
Although I was at the venue from 8 am to 10 pm, the day flew by and left me yearning for more. And MORE is coming in just 5 days! I can't wait! Perhaps, you would like to join me in this happy event and attend Redefining Design as well? If you are interested in attending, leave a comment below and you may get a FREE ticket to the show!!!