Friday, November 22, 2013

Outfit Idea #19. Over-sized Pocket Skirt.

Hi darlings,

I am very excited to share this creation of mine with you. It's been so busy on my end that to complete this number I had to literally steal a minute here, a minute there, sometimes sacrificing other chores. Now, it is finally ready and cannot wait to be worn. I made this skirt with a Vogue pattern. My skirt is of mid-calf length and has extremely baggy pockets and extra  long sleeves for belt ties. I installed metal snaps on the fake cuffs so they look real :) I just love how different and unapologetic this skirt is! 

I wore it with a crisp white dress shirt, the black rope necklace and laced up sandals. The fabric on this skirt looks like it's denim but it's actually linen dyed to look this way. That's why even though gathers add bulk, the skirt is still very flowy and has lots of movement.

Midi length skirts have been trending since about a year or so ago and are in full bloom in the runways for Spring.

Spring 2014 RTW
Since a long winter awaits, I adapted the same skirt for the colder months. I wore it with a plain black turtle neck, black high-heeled boots with a sparkle and a statement necklace. Add a shiny clutch and this outfit becomes office party-appropriate!

And I just LOVE this necklace I got from Topshop. I think it perfectly completes this strong look!

How about you? Have you started planning your party outfits yet? If you have, make it loud and unapologetic! 

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