Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion Child Stars

We all had a dream when we were children. I dreamed too. Not so much about what I would be as about how I would dress. And to that end, I used anything I could get my hands on in our apartment to materialized my fantasies into reality. Pillow cases turned into princess' veils, huge towels wrapped around my head created cascades of long thick hair. Whatever cloth I could find in my mom's wardrobe would be subject to pinning, tying and tucking thus as to create the most fabulous dress my five-year-old hands were capable of creating.

I am obviously not alone in dreaming. Millions of girls dream. These young girls, however, were able to materialize their dreams into reality without waiting for their post secondary diplomas or full-time careers.

Please meet Tavi Gevinson. She has been a fashion blogger since she was 11 years old. She captured the attention of the world of fashion at large and earned herself a front row at the biggest designers' fashion shows:

She's grown up since then and has her own online magazine and has recently presented at TED:

Pretty impressive and admirable if you ask me!

Another young star I want you to meet is Elena Valez, a 15-year-old fashion designer. The video speaks for itself:

And they are getting younger and younger! Take a look at this 10-year-old designer Cecilia Cassini:

How is THAT of inspirational!

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