Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Outfit Idea #2. Floral Dress.

Unless you have been living in a box (I will not judge you if it's a shoe box), you have probably noticed the floor-length-floral-print-dress trend mesmerizing us for the past two summers. Well I have too. However, I have been resisting the temptation of buying one because I promised myself that I would make it. Guess what? I kept the promise! I made this long goddess dress from Simplicity Pattern 2692 and would like to demonstrate two different ways of wearing it.

Dress it Up

You can turn this seemingly simple dress into a cocktail or a special event one by choosing the right pair of shoes and appropriate jewelry.

Pairing it up with your nude high heels gives the dress an immediate lift in terms of the type of the occasion to which it can be worn.

Because of the asymmetrical neckline and a fairly busy print I decided to skip the necklace. To keep in line with the femininity of the tender floral design I went with the pale pink pearl drop earrings and pearl bracelet. I like how haphazardly the pearls of the bracelet are arranged.

The subdued pastel colours of the overall outfit make it look natural yet sophisticated. Top off this outfit with a subtle floral perfume and you are fully ready for a summer wedding or an outdoor cocktail event.

Dress it Down

For a day about town swap your high heels for your favourite flat sandals (mine have a floral detail on them), skip the evening jewelry and grab a wide-brimmed sun hat. A beach tote can work just as well in the sweltering city as it does on the beach. 

I hope you agree that this outfit breathes ease and chic. After all, who says you cannot run errands in style? 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!" - Leonardo da Vinci

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