Sunday, September 30, 2012

Outfit Idea #6. Colour Blocking.

Today I wanted to share with you my take on colour blocking. I went graphic with it. I made this dress from McCall's pattern 6278. However, since the peter pan collar has been all the rage recently I decided to adorn the plain neckline of this dress with my interpretation of this fashionable detail. The shape of my collar mimics the angles of the black side panels on the hips and, thus, gives consistency to my dress.

I like how the black and white colour scheme and the collar create the sense of the conservative. Yet, the angular details and pops of red in my outfit give my dress an extra edge. I especially love the shoes that I chose to go with this dress. Metal studs and colour strips also make the outfit more daring. Just the way I like it!

Finally, it is a perfect day to night dress. Drop the bright red, throw on a jacket and you can easily wear it to the office. Pull out your daring heels and bright-coloured purse and you are ready for the night on the town!


  1. This is an awesome outfit! Shoe just go so perfect with it too! Awesome!

  2. Thank you Vlada! These are my favourite shoes and I am being very overprotective with them. They have yet to see the world :)

  3. Very feminine and flexible outfit - for the office of night out! Like it! :) Great job, Irish ;)

  4. Thank you very much Tanya! I think it is important to have items that can be combined with different pieces and worn on different occasions. It makes for a functional wardrobe.