Friday, November 15, 2013

4 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Belt

Hello fashionistas,

Today I wanted to share with you some creative ways to spice up your daily outfits without going out and splurging. In fact, given what you already have in your wardrobe these ideas will not cost you a dime. 

One great way to transform your look is to wear belts. I love belts. All kinds of them. So I thought why not give them some more attention and make the best of what I've got in my stash. So here is how you can update your style simply by playing with belts:

1. Wrap it around!

You surely have seen this major trend of leather cuffs and bracelets. You can achieve a similar look by wrapping you skinny belt around your wrist.

This allows you to keep with the trend but make it yours at the same time.

2. Double up!

If you have two belts that are of very similar styles and you are having difficulty deciding which one to wear - wear them both!!! Just rock them together on a slant for a "Too-Cool-To-Care" look!

Stack them up!

3. Layer them!

Do you have 2 belts of the same colour but of different width and textures? Try layering one, skinnier belt, on top of another, wider one. If the colours are dead on you might get a totally new belt! Here, I combined a very wide white belt and a thinner woven belt and got a chic new look.

Old belt
New belt

4. Interlace them!

Do you have a a belt with big holes? And another very skinny one? Try threading one belt through the other and you will get a fun new look! The more colourful the belts the better the result!

These are the belts I had.
This is the belt I got! 
Fun new belt!

I hope these unexpected ways to wear belts inspired you. Let me know how you like to wear your belts or what other ways you use to spice up your outfits!

Happy creative dressing!

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