Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfit Idea #14. What to wear on St. Valentine's Day?

Hi fashionistas!

Well, this post is not exactly about an outfit idea. It is actually a request for ideas. St. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I am at a loss for any thoughts about what to wear on that day. This is what I wore last year:

I know you can't see it fully but this is the only picture I have wearing these guys. They are knee-long slouchy pants which I made from Burda Young Pattern 7463.

"Not very St. Valentine's Day-appropriate," you will say... But does it have to be all hearts and roses? Here is how I accessorized them.

Boots with handcuffs design, my favourite chain necklace and some gold-tone and gun-metal bangles.

In case you are wondering, yes, handcuffs is my idea of a romantic evening. I went to a club party after all. Besides, what does one wear to a St. Valentine's Day event? Does it have to be red? Interestingly, I own only one purely red shirt. I have a bunch of pinks, violets and purples (even one raspberry), but I just do not wear red. Do you? What are you planning to wear? Please help me out and throw some ideas my way!

Thank you guys!

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