Monday, February 4, 2013

Outfit Idea #13. From Mom with Love.

Hello darlings!

Today is my Dear Mom's Birthday! That is why I thought it would be very fitting to write about her creative legacy. After all, my propensity to make things did not come out of the blue. It is all thanks to her time and patience that I am into so many handy crafts. For as long as I can remember myself my dear mommy was always knitting. She made me and my sister everything! And I mean everything. What my grandmother would not sew my mother would knit. Unfortunately, me and my sister grew out of most of what she made us. But a few of her items remain in my closet today. Here is a sweater that mom made me when I was in grade 9. I love it dearly. I think it is such a delicate work! So I wanted to share with you a few different ways that I wear it.
With the dress pants

Beige dress pants and a white blouse underneath this cardigan make it a perfect look for work. To create more interest in this simple outfit I added a cat-print scarf and leopard-print pair of shoes. Rolled up cuffs of the dress shirt create the feeling of ease and casualness in this otherwise official ensemble.

With an olive pencil skirt

I combined the cardigan with the retro print shirt, cinched it with the belt and wore my favourite cognac Spring boots which you have seen before. I was channeling "that 70's chick" here. I think that the layered styling and the brown-and-olive colour palette helped me achieve that look.

In my opinion, this cardigan is such a timeless classic that it remains relevant even 10 years after its creation. Here is a closeup of its intricate knit pattern:

The right choice of accessories breathed a new life into this beautiful cardigan.

Unfortunately, my mother no longer knits. However, she has a new passion. She channels all her creativity in the direction of writing. And quite successfully at that! If you can read Russian then you can find out more about her books here at PhoenixBooksPublishing.

What about you? Do you have a special old garment in our closet that has a sentimental value? Do you wear it? If so how?

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