Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trend Alert. Wear Those Pants!

Hello trend-watchers!

Today I wanted to talk about pants and the various styles that popped up on the Pre-Fall and Fall 2013 Runways. Designers have presented us with such a variety of styles that there is no shortage of options to satisfy every mood, taste and occasion. Here is what I saw.

Stay in Your Pajamas

Feeling lazy and blue? No need to get out of those comfy pajamas. Just throw on a stylish jacket, grab a flashy clutch and you are ready to rock.
Wear them Wide and Bright!

Nothing says "I'm in a playful mood" as much as these bright, wide-leg trousers.

Crop that Cigarette Habit

The brocade embroidered floral prints make these skinny cropped pants more than suitable for a special occasion.

For a luxurious look, pair metallic pants with fur and you will not go unnoticed! From slouchy to skinny, there is a great variety of these shiny numbers to choose from.

Metallic Lux

Now that I have my slouchy florals and shiny skinnies, I need to make wide-leg bright and cropped cigarette brocade trousers. So excited! Which are your favourite styles?

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