Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trend Alert. Colour Blocked Dress.

Hello trend-watchers,

Today I am starting a new series of posts about what is happening in the fashion world. More precisely, I want to share with you my personal finds of what is trending on the runways. Pre-Fall  2013 runway shows have just finished their rounds. With so much visual information out there it can be confusing to distill the essential "in" elements. That is why I spent hours watching the show photos and have come up with a few pointers as to what to prepare for this Fall.

The most fashion forward among us may think that a colour-blocked dress has long become history, however, designers refuse to give it up and have cooked up a whole fresh batch of these brightly spotted numbers.

They come in various cuts and lengths, and the lines have become more fluid. If you are looking to get one of those for slightly less than what a designer label will cost you, then you may want to check out these Vogue Patterns

The beautiful thing about making a runway-inspired item yourself is that you can modify and adjust it whichever way you please. You are not obliged to stick to the pattern you use. You can always shorten or lengthen the sleeve or the hem, change the neckline, or shift a style line. I am not even mentioning the fun and freedom you can have with the colour choices!!! The options are endless!!! So although we have already seen similar dresses these past couple of seasons seems like they are here to stay (at least for now). If that's the case why not experiment and have fun with them!!!

Happy trending!

P.S. Check out my own take on a colour blocking dress here and top here.
Image source: style.com

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