Friday, January 11, 2013

Comfy Boots are a Girl's Best Friend!

Hello dear readers,

I am not attempting to disrupt your style radar or offend your aesthetic sense with this image. Rather, it is simply me trying to cope with the inevitable - with the fact that sooner or later I do have to part with these boots. 

I am sure every girl has had this problem. You buy a shoe - not because you particularly like its design and not because it was on your wish list for the whole season prior to the purchase - but simply because it was an alright enough shoe. The fit was good; the price was fair. But soon after you start wearing it you discover that it is the most comfortable footwear your precious feet could possibly fancy wearing this season. No matter the other five perfectly new, pretty, high-heeled pairs of boots you have lined up in your closet, waiting for their turn to see and mesmerize the world. Who cares about those? Yes, they are glitzy and fancy! But, let's face it, what can compare to a snug comfort, dry warmth and just enough lift during a busy 12-hour-long day of a school-work-chores cycle of the winter months? I think you sense where I am going with this... For the past two seasons there simply was no other boot that could perform these duties for me quite as well as this miserable pair you see in the picture. I promise they didn't always look this miserable... For a long while, their value of style versus the amount of comfort earned them the perfect spot on the X-Y axes of my fashion radar. This picture is my ode to the faithful old boots, with which, alas, I now have to part. Fare well! You've served me well!

P.S. Coincidentally, this post reminded me of the book Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman, where the narrator tell the story of her life through the key items in her wardrobe. I watched the theatrical version of it at Panasonic Theatre a couple of years ago (a date idea of my now fiance!) and could totally relate. I too remember life events in terms of the clothes I wear when they happen.

I am curious whether you can relate to this too? Share your experiences in the comment section!

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