Sunday, January 13, 2013

Timeless BURDA Fashion

Hello fellow-sewers!

I was overjoyed recently because a wonderful colleague of mine brought me a whole pile of Burda Style - English ed >magazines from 1997-1998 and just gave them to me. She was doing her spring cleaning and realized that she would not be needing them any more. All the patterns in them are still untouched!!! 

Imagine my happiness and delight when I laid my hands on them! You might ask, why would I want these old-fashioned silhouettes and clothes which these days looks more costume-y than stylish? Well, I cannot but argue with that. There are plenty of timeless classics in these magazines which can still be sewn and worn as current pieces today. 

For example, this jacket! With the recent masculine-ization of female fashion and the androgynous lines becoming more and more mainstream, this jacket looks nothing but current!

Oh oh, what was the overarching trend for the past spring/summer season? That's right: colour-blocking! What does this dress show? That's right: colour-blocking!

Many a fashionista splurged on a nice jumpsuit and totally rocked it lately. Think that was new?

Finally, a classic safari dress with its clean sharp lines never goes out of style!

As you can see everything old is new again and with the slight modification of hem lengths, style lines, and lapel shapes, all retro styles can be made to look as contemporary as can be. That is why these magazines are such a treasure for me!!! Thank you Dani!

P.S. I am currently working on a project from a contemporary BURDA collection, but stay tuned and I will show a piece I'll make out of these magnificent catalogs.

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