Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workout in Style: My New Yoga Pants.

Hi guys!

My friends from CityChicksFitness inspired the topic of this posts. Many girls who are fitness enthusiasts care about not only feeling comfortable but also looking good at the gym. I am not an exception. Good fit and pretty colours are so much more conducive to pushing harder and sweating more, ne c'est pas? Well, that is why I came up with these capris/yoga pants.

Like for so many other of my creations I found this fabric at Fabricland! (duh!). It is a four-way stretch jersey with no "memory" whatsoever and a nice luster. These properties make it perfect for workout gear. I gave these capris two pleats on both pant sides front and back for fullness. I created a yoke which is doubled up and reinforced by an elastic at the top. The pant legs are gathered into doubled up cuffs at the bottom.

Here are my yoga pants in action:

They turned out to be such a good fit, so hip-hugging and comfortable that I do not want to take them off. Which means I tend to work out longer, yay! This is how fashion can "fool" you into living a healthier lifestyle! 

In case you are wondering whether I matched the colour of my top to my weights on purpose, I have to say that it was a happy accident. Accident because the weights were a gift; happy because I just love this colour and tend to own many an item in its various tints and shades. And yes, working out in my favourite colour also turns the chore into a happy event.

What about you? Do you tend to pick a certain colour for your exercising routines? Does it matter to you what you wear to the gym? 


  1. We're so glad we inspired this post, thanks for the shoutout! Wow Irina, those workout pants are hot! That's some talent you got there, work it girl :) We LOVE workout fashion: tops & bottoms with different types of detailing, bright neon colours, accessorizing, & mixing + matching our outfits.

    Workout fashion doesn't have to be boring; plus, planning out our outfits motivates us to go to the gym. Especially on days when we are in for intense cardio or HIIT, we wear loads of bright colours to rev us up! And if you look good, you'll feel good, and train harder.



  2. No, thank YOU ladies for being inspiring and motivating! Thank you for your complements. If a cool outfit can make your day better then you can apply the same principle to working out. This was a recent discovery for me, although I do like exercising. I will now pay more attention to my workout wardrobe :)and share my creations as they come along.


  3. Liked your yoga pants. They look very good and comfortable. I am wearing leggings that got in Carbon 38 workout clothes and happy with the stuff. One of my yoga class students are using them and suggested me too. Glad to wear them for sessions.