Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit Idea #5. Plaid Jacket.

As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, the chilly air particles biting my face in the mornings get me thinking about layers. This is a confusing time of the year: you think it's cold as you run out the door in the morning, but you find yourself drenched as you commute back home. And what other than layers offers the best option for changing temperatures? With that in mind I decided to show you the shirt/jacket I made from McCall's pattern 5941.

I thought that beige plaid could not be more appropriate for fall. I teamed up this jacket with the black skinnie jeans and a black turtle neck underneath. (This is where your basics come in handy!) I like how  the kimono sleeves of the jacket and the grey beret give my outfit a retro feel. Yet the chains and the high-heels on the grey boots and the furry Marc Fisher bag keep it edgy and modern-looking.

The collar of this plaid jacket can be worn two different ways:
raise it up
lay it flat
The huge mock wood button is a playful original touch. Since it's the only one on this garment I thought it better be big! Plus it ties well with the neutral natural tones of the whole look. I think I'm ready for fall!


  1. Very stylish! But you have to have a perfect figure (like hers) to pull it off and feel comfortable in it... OK, time to hit the gym, lol

  2. Thanks Kyryl and Anonymous! But I assure you a fuller figure can also look good in this, since the jacket creates extra fullness at the top and balances out the bottom. For extra balance replace the skinnies with a flared or wide leg pant.