Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Bright Side of a Black Shift Dress

Original Sketch

Hi guys!

Poster by Invisible Creature
Some of you have been asking to show you my sketch-to-garment process and I thought I would share this dress with you. 

Here, on the left, is my original sketch. The design was inspired by the digital artwork by Invisible Creature (on the right). I liked the combination of colours and thought it would be interesting to incorporate hot pink into a tailored formal look.

It is a sleeveless, collarless shift dress with two slash pockets in the front and a zipper in the back. I removed the darts into the fluid style lines both in the front and in the back. There is also a vent in the back.

The dress is made out of 100% wool cashmere and lined with some sturdy taffeta lining.

 I like how hot pink adds a flirtatious note to this otherwise formal silhouette.

I have been waiting for an occasion to wear this pretty dress. But since the occasion did not present itself I just wore it to work and was utterly comfortable thanks to the luxurious fabric!

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